Gasienicowa hall in Tatras


Gasienicowa hall in Tatras


CherryPazzi puzzles are exceptionally well made and have qualities typical of high-end puzzles. They stand out from many other puzzle brands in two ways – the special design of their elements and their thickness.


The 2,2mm thick high-quality cardboard makes them strong and durable, while the special design of each puzzle element allows it to fit only in its intended place.


CherryPazzi’s top quality is also something that puzzle enthusiasts regularly talk about.


One such enthusiast recently shared with us their experience of putting together a CherryPazzi puzzle:


“The elements are easy to lift up, even if several are already put together. You can lift up the entire puzzle when it is put together, without worrying that it will fall apart. This is a rare feature even among the best puzzle brands.”


We hope that you get the same enjoyment from putting together a CherryPazzi puzzle, as did our client, who shared their impression with us.



Data sheet

Брой Елементи
Puzzle dimensions
70 X 50 X 2,1
Box dimensions
34 x 24,5 x 4,5